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425 DX Bulletin - Editado por Mauro Pregliasco I1JQJ e Valeria Pregliasco IK1ADH

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Edição: 1360   Data: 26/05/2017    Atualizado todas as sextas feiras 

9H     - Haru, JA1XGI will be active as  9H3XG from  Malta (EU-023) on  7-12
        June.  He  will operate CW and RTTY on  40-15 metres.  QSL via home
        call, direct or bureau; logsearch on Club Log. [TNX DX World]
9U     - The website  for  the  6-17 November  9U4M  DXpedition  to  Burundi
        [425DXN 1354] is now up and running on http://www.mdxc.org/9u4m/. A
        large multi-national team of Mediterraneo DX Club's members will be
        active on all bands and modes  with  five stations.  QSL via IK2VUC
        (direct or bureau) and LoTW. Logsearch and OQRS on the DXpedition's
        website. [TNX Mediterraneo DX Club]
D2     - D2TI is the  callsign  for  the  IOTA DXpedition  to  Tigres Island
        (AF-108)  [425DXN 1357],  which   is  now  planned  to  take  place
        "sometime early 2018". Further information will be available in due
        course.  Updates  will be  posted  to  https://dx-world.net/.  [TNX
DU     - "Due to the rising tensions  in the area",  M0OXO reports,  "Dindo,
        DU1UD/8 has now been posted to Jolo Sulu (OC-119) indefinitely". He
        hopes "it will give more options for targetting specific  areas  in
        the log such as NA/SA etc." QSL via M0OXO's OQRS (www.m0oxo.com).
EL     - The  IOTA  DXpedition  to  Baiyah Island (AF-111) [425DXN 1355]  is
        expected to take place  in  early November.  A special callsign has
        been applied for, and "a second reconnaissance trip will occur in a
        few weeks from now to identify landing stages and best area  to set
        up stations". Updates will be posted to https://dx-world.net/. [TNX
F     -  Members of the Institut  pour le  Developpement des Radiocommunica-
        tions par  l'Enseignement (IDRE) and the Castres  DX  Gang will  be
        active again as TM5FI from Ratonneau Island (EU-095) on  5-12 June.
        They will operate SSB, CW and  digital modes  on  80-10 metres with
        four stations. QSL via F5XX,  direct or bureau.  Logsearch on  Club
        Log. [TNX F6IRA]
FR     - Thomas, F4HPX will be active holiday style as FR/F4HPX from Reunion
        Island (AF-016) on 4-16 June.  He will be QRV on  40-15 metres SSB,
        "various  digital  modes" and some  computer  assisted CW.  QSL via
        F4HPX, LoTW and eQSL.
G      - Promoting  geological  heritage  to  the  general  public,  special
        station  GB6GEO  will  be  active  again  from  'Kent's    Cavern',
        England's oldest 'home' situated in the English  Riviera  (Torbay),
        for the annual Geoparks Communication Weekend on 2-3 June. All QSOs
        will be confirmed automatically via the bureau;  the QSL route  for
        direct cards is via  G3VOF.  Details  on this event and the Geopark
        Certificate can be found at https://www.qrz.com/db/GB6GEO.
GM     - Look for Graham, MM0GHM to be active as MM0GHM/p and MM0GHM/m  from
        the Isle of Arran (EU-123) on 3-17 June.  QSL via home call, direct
        or bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
LA     - Waldi, SP7IDX will  be  active  holiday  style  as  LA/SP7IDX  from
        Vannoya (EU-046) on  1-10 June.  He  will operate  SSB and RTTY  on
        40-10 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX DX Coffee]
OJ0    - Pasi, OH3WS (OJ0W) and  Henri, OH3JR (OJ0JR) will  be  active  from
        Market Reef (EU-053) from  27 May to 2-3 June.  OJ0W expects to  be
        QRV mostly on 60-30 metres CW, while OJ0JR will operate CW, SSB and
        RTTY on 80-4m.  QSL  via home calls  (OQRS for  OJ0JR on Club Log).
        [TNX NG3K]
S7     - Nobu, JA0JHQ (http://pandasan.jimdo.com/) will be  active as  S79NH
        from Praslin Island (AF-024), Seychelles on 26-31 July. He plans to
        operate  CW, RTTY  and  maybe  some  SSB mainly  on  160-15 metres,
        including participation  in the  IOTA Contest (CW).  QSL via JA0JHQ
        (bureau preferred) and LoTW; logsearch on Club Log.
SV     - Members of the Radio Amateur Union of North Aegean (SZ8LSV) will be
        active as J48GEO between 25 May and 23 June to promote  the  UNESCO
        Global Geopark of Lesvos Island (EU-049). They will operate SSB, CW
        and digital modes on all bands. QSL via LoTW or direct to SZ8LSV.
UA     - Vlad, UA0FAM  will  be  active  as  UA0FAM/p  from  Kunashir Island
        (AS-025) starting on  29 May for one week.  QSL via home call. [TNX
        DX World]
UA     - The Radio Marathon "Moscow-870" [425DXN 1340] is  running  until 31
        December.  Special callsigns to be  active  next  month are  R1380M
        (01-10 June), R1945M (11-20 June) and R1608M (21-30 June). Detailed
        information on the event and the award  programme  can be found  at


The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (27-28 May):
Call          Category        DXCC               QSL        
3G3AA         SOSB 20m        Chile              CE3AA      
3V8SS         SOAB LP         Tunisia            LotW/LX1NO
4X7R          M/S             Israel             4X6OM      
8P5A          SOAB HP         Barbados           LoTW/NN1N  
9K2K          SOAB LP         Kuwait             LoTW       
AH2R          SOAB            Guam               LotW/JH7QXJ
CR6K          SOAB            Portugal           LoTW/CT1ILT
CT9/R7KW      M/S LP          Madeira            K2PF       
E28AI         SOSB 20m HP     Thailand           LoTW       
E29AU         M/S LP          Thailand           LotW/E21IZC
E2X           M/S HP          Thailand           LoTW/E20GMY
E51DWC        SOAB HP         South Cook Isls    LoTW/OK1DWC
EF3T          M/S             Spain              EA3KX      
EG8AA         SOAB HP         Canary Isls        RW3RN      
EI4VYB        SO              Ireland            LoTW/JA0JHQ
GU3HFN        SOAB LP         Guernsey           bureau     
IF9A          SOSB 20m        Italy              IT9ATF     
JT5DX         M/?             Mongolia           JT1CO      
LU8DPM        SOSB 80m        Argentina          LU8DPM     
LY4A          M/2             Lithuania          LotW       
OH0X          SO HP           Aland Isls         OH2TA      
OP4K          M/S             Belgium            LotW       
P40W          SOAB            Aruba              LoTW/N2MM  
P44X          M/?             Aruba              DO4MX      
PA150LIM      SOAB LP         Netherlands        PD0MHZ     
PR5W          SOAB            Brazil             LotW/PY5FB
R70SRC        SOAB            Russia (EU)        R9XC       
RK90DR        SOAB            Russia (EU)        R9XC       
SN6O          SOSB            Poland             LotW/SP6PAZ
SW8WW         SOAB LP         Greece             HA0HW      
SX1T                          Greece             SV1ENG     
T2R                           Tuvalu             LoTW/N7SMI
T40A          M/S LP          Cuba               CO8ZZ      
VC2W          SOAB            Canada             LotW/VA2WA
VC3T          SOAB            Canada             VE3DZ      
VP2MDG        SO              Montserrat         LoTW/K2DM  
VP5M          M/S LP          Caicos Isls        LoTW/K4QPL
XM1150CAN     SOAB LP         Canada             LoTW       
XO1X          M/S             Canada             LoTW/KC1CWF
YW4D          SOSB HP         Venezuela          LotW/YV1DIG
ZA/OG1N       SOAB            Albania            OH2TA      
ZA/OU2I       SOAB LP         Albania            LoTW/OZ1BII
ZL4YL         SOSB 40m        New Zealand        ZL4YL  
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill, NG3K at  http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxc2017.html -  good contest  to
you all!


CQ CONTEST  &  CQ DX  HALL  OF  FAMERS ---> The  CQ  Contest  Hall  of  Fame
(established in  1986)  and  the  CQ DX  Hall of Fame  (established in 1967)
honour those amateurs who not only excel  in personal  performance in  these
major areas of  amateur  radio, but  who  also  "give back" to the  hobby in
outstanding ways.
The 2017 inductees to the CQ CONTEST HALL OF FAME are:
Dave Robbins, K1TTT, is the builder and owner of a  contest  super-station
in western Massachusetts. Soon after assembling his first contest station,
Dave wrote in the introduction  to  his book, Building a Superstation,  "I
realized I was not a 48-hour  iron  pants  operator and  decided to  start
doing multi-ops  from here".  Over  the  past 30+ years, Dave  has  hosted
legions of  operators  at  his  multi-multi station,  some veterans,  some
newcomers, and willingly shared his knowledge and experiences, both in his
building book and his annual Contest Cookbooks, distributed to members  of
the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC), of which Dave is a past president.
You can see webcams of his current station and  much more information  at
Bob Wilson, N6TV, is an accomplished contester and  contest  DXpeditioner,
but his achievements behind the  scenes are as  significant as  those he's
made  on  the  air.  A regular  speaker  at  Contest  University  and  the
International  DX  Convention's  Contest  Academy, Bob  has developed  new
techniques and technologies to enhance logging and score-keeping  software
and to advance SO2R (Single Operator, 2 Radios) operating, along with  the
efficiency of  software  defined  radios,  CW Skimmer, the Reverse  Beacon
Network and more.
CQ Contesting Editor David Siddall, K3ZJ, presented Hall of Fame plaques  at
an induction ceremony held at the  annual Dayton Contest  Dinner on  20 May.
This year's inductions bring the total number of  members of the  CQ Contest
Hall of Fame to 69.
The 2017 inductees to the CQ DX HALL OF FAME are:
Bill Moore, NC1L (SK). The ARRL's DXCC Manager for over 20 years. A public
face of the program at  hamfests around  the world, Bill was also a  major
contributor behind  the  scenes, leading the  transition  from  DXCC paper
records to a computer database, then years later, guiding a major  upgrade
to the system that is in use today.  Bill was severely injured  in an auto
accident in 2014 and became a Silent Key last year.
Jerry Rosalius, WB9Z. An  accomplished  DXer  and   DXpeditioner, he   has
"worked them all" with the exception of  North Korea, and participated  in
multiple major DXpeditions, including seven that were named as "DXpedition
of the Year"  by  the  Southwest Ohio  DX  Association.  He is a  frequent
speaker at club meetings and hamfests and regularly makes his home station
available for training new contesters.
CQ DX Editor  Bob  Schenck, N2OO, presented  Hall  of  Fame  plaques  at  an
induction ceremony held  at  the  annual  Dayton DX Dinner  on 19 May.  This
year's inductions bring the total  number  of  members of the  CQ DX Hall of
Fame to 71.

E51LYC ---> Cezar, VE3LYC went QRT from Pukapuka (OC-098) on  23 May  around
12.30 UTC. He has uploaded the log (5,612 QSOs) to  Club Log and enabled the
OQRS:  https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/E51LYC.  "For  the  most part  I
removed the dupes which occurred within minutes", he says. "Please email any
report of errors, omissions, or any questions  directly to me.  I will check
the information and reply to every message as quickly as possible".

OCEANIA DX CONTEST ---> The results of the 2016 Oceania DX Contest have been
published: http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/Results/results.html.  Originally
known as the VK/ZL Contest, the  Oceania DX Contest has been  running  since
the 1930s.  This year's edition will be held on 7-8 October (SSB)  and 14-15
October (CW). Both events start at  08.00  UTC on Saturday and end  at 08.00
UTC on Sunday. [TNX ZL2IFB]


CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3Z560SC     SP7KMX      FG4NN       NI5DX       R15JRA      UA9JLL
3Z70AR      SQ8ERS      FM1HN       W3HNK       R15JSU      UA9JLL
4L1AN       N4GNR       FM5DN       KU9C        R15JSV      UA9JLL
4L1MA       ON4RU       FM5FJ       KU9C        R15UGRA     UA9JLL
4L5P        UT7QF       FR4NT       F4DXW       R1606M      RK3AW
4V1TL       W3HNK       HB2U        HB9OCR      R70CLUB     RZ4AWB
5R8UI       IZ8CCW      HB9WFF      HB9FBI      R70LWA      RZ0LWA
5Z4/DL2RMC  DL1RTL      HC5DX       W3HNK       R70SRC      R9XC
5Z4/OZ1AA   OZ1ACB      HD2RRC      RZ3FW       R70YWA      RW3YW
7X2VFK      7X2DD       HF0DAG      SP2PBM      RA36GS      RN3FY
7Y9WTD      7X2VFK      HF100F      SQ5M        RU0LAX/p    NR6M
8P50B       KU9C        HF3RFS      SP3PDK      SD3G        DL7UXG
9A17B       9A2MF       HF67CES     SP6CES      SD5Y        DL2YBG
9G1SD       AB0GC       HF79TG      SP5PPK      SD7V        DL2VFR
9H1AE       9H1AE  [b]  HF90LMR     SP7PTM      SN0LT       SP1PMY
9H1AE       SV2AEL [d]  HG10CC      HA3JB       SN150MJP    SP3PGR
9H1MRL      9H1SP       HH2AA       NR6M        SN15PK      SP9KAJ
9H2017EU    9H1SP       HI3K        KB2MS       SN50CHBW    SP5ZIP
9H3SQ       SQ3RX       HK1MW       N2OO        SP0MC       SP9KGC
9N1AA       N4AA        HK3TK       F5CWU       SU9JG       EA5GL
9Q6BB       W3HNK       HZ1SK       IZ8CLM      SW8WW       HA0HW
A25TVB      N4GNR       IF9A        IT9ATF      SW8YA       HA1YA
A31MM       EA5GL       II2MM       IQ2CF       T2R         N7SMI
A41KB       ON7LX       II5COTA     IZ4SUC      T88MZ       JH0CKF
A41NN       A61BK       II5LDV      IK5ZUB [d]  T88RH       JR6DRH
A61AS       YO3FRI      II5LDV      IQ5LV  [b]  T8KA        JJ0RIK
A61FK       A61BK       IK2SGL/OA8  IK2AQZ      T8VE        JA8VE
A61HA       A61BK       IQ0JC       IZ4SUC      TC1919ATA   TA6P
A61Q        EA7FTR      IQ5QG       IZ4SUC      TJ3PD       N2OO
A65BH       F8CUP       J28PJ       F1TMY       TM160BF     F4GFE
A65DC       IZ8CLM      JG8NQJ/JD1  JA8CJY [d]  TM2F        F4GTT
A65DR       N4GNR       JG8NQJ/JD1  JG8NQJ [b]  TM500LH     F6KOH
A71TA       IZ8CLM      JT5KK       9A3JB       TM50FM      F1LLV
A91NM       A92AA       JT5LZ       K1LZ        TM60GW      F5KMB
A91WTIS     A92AA       JT5MM       S54G        TM7U        ON8AZ
CP6XE       IK6GPZ      JY9FC       E73Y        TN5E        M0OXO
CS2CND      CS5LX       KP2M        NZ4DX       TR8CA       F6CBC
CS2SA       CS5CRE      LX44FF      LX1CC       TR8CR       F6AJA
DL0MFN      DL3RHN      LZ114RF     LZ1YE       TY2AC       IZ1BZV
DL0POLIO    DJ4MG       LZ180VL     LZ1ZF       TZ4AM       W0SA
DM500RT     M0SDV       OD5ZZ       NI5DX       UE99PS      RX7K
E31A        JH1AJT      OF100FI     OH2BAD      UK8OK       EA7FTR
E44WE       SP9FIH      OH0Z        W0MM        V31MA       M0OXO
E51DWC      OK1DWC      OH10A       OH1HS       V31PS       M0SDV
E770BAB     E71EZC      OX90EDR     OZ1ACB      V51WH       DK2WH
ED9T        EA4PN  [d]  P29LL       EA7FTR      V53DX       DO4DXA
ED9T        EA5GL  [b]  P29VTT      VK3OW       V73NS       W3HNK
EE8A        EA8DA       PA150LIM    PD0MHZ      VP2MDG      K2DM
EF0F        EA4URE      PH00GEVEEN  PA4HM       VP2V/K6TOP  NR6M
EG7DIM      EA7RCM      R100FNR     RX3F        VU7KP       W4VKU
EG8CID      EA8URL      R100LK      RV1AQ       XE1XR       EA5GL
EG9TOR      EA4PN  [d]  R1155RW     R3MAI       XE2B        EA5OL
EG9TOR      EA5GL  [b]  R15JGP      UA9JLL      YE1AR       N2OO
EM7KAA      IK2DUW      R15JHM      UA9JLL      YR6MUSEUM   YO6KNE
EM9WFF      EA5HPX      R15JIG      UA9JLL      YT800YU     YU1MM
EN90QDG     UR6QR       R15JMG      UA9JLL      YV1KK       OH0XX
EP2LMA      EA5GL       R15JNG      UA9JLL      ZA/OU2I     OZ1BII
ER4DX       ER1FF       R15JNV      UA9JLL      ZL2IO       DK7AO

4U1ITU   International Amateur Radio Club, Case Postale 6, 1211 Geneve 20, Switzerland
AD8J/HR9 John L. Getz, 24 Stony Ridge, Asheville NC 28804, USA
FY5KE    Jacques Mazzoni, 678 route de l'Egalite, 74290 Talloires Montmin, France
JD1BNA   Nick Seki, 4-731 Sakuragi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken, 330-0854, Japan
JH1AJT   Y. Zorro Miyazawa, P.O. Box 8, Oiso-machi, Naka-Gun, Kanagawa-ken, 259-0111, Japan
OX3XR    Harry de Jong, Broekdijk 59, 7695 TC Bruchterveld, The Netherlands
S01WS    Arseli Echeguren Bardeci, Barrena 6 1 Izq, 01408 Luiaondo (Alava), Spain
SP9FIH   Janusz Wwgrzyn, pl. Pilsudskiego 6/9, 45-706 Opole, Poland
TC0M     SAKRAD, P.O. Box 92, 54100 Adapazari/Sakarya, Turkey
W4VKU    Krishna K. Kanakasapapathi, 102 Brook Creek Dr, Cary NC 27519, USA
W9IMS    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 30954, Indianapolis IN 46230, USA
Z25DX    Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
ZD7BG    Gilbert Legg, P.O. Box 157, Jamestown, STHL 1ZZ, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean
ZD7DL    Daniel Leo, P.O. Box 97, Jamestown, STHL 1ZZ, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean
ZD7FT    Peter Constantine, P.O. Box 33, Jamestown, STHL 1ZZ, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean

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