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425 DX Bulletin - Editado por Mauro Pregliasco I1JQJ e Valeria Pregliasco IK1ADH

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Edição: 1376   Data: 15/09/2017    Atualizado todas as sextas feiras 

A3     - Hal, JR4OZR will be active as A35W  from  Tongatapu (OC-049), Tonga
				         on  20-26  September.  He  will  operate RTTY  and  FT8, and   will
				         participate in the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest.  QSL via JJ2VLY and LoTW,
				         logsearch on Club Log. [TNX The Daily DX]
				FP     - Look for FP/DH5FS, FP/DK2AB, FP/G3ZAY, FP/G7VJR, FP/M0BLF, FP/M0WUT
				         and FP/M0ZXA to be active  from  Ile-aux-Marins,  Saint Pierre  and
				         Miquelon (NA-032) on 18-22 September. They will operate CW, SSB and
				         digital modes (FT8 included) on  160-6 metres  with four  stations.
				         QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW or via operator's instructions.  [TNX
				         The Daily DX]
				GU     - The NB-DX Team will be active as  MU/ON4ANN from  Guernsey (EU-114)
				         on 18-24 September.  They will  operate SSB, CW  and digital  modes
				         with  "special attention"  for 160, 80, 40  and 30 metres.  QSL via
				         M0URX's OQRS (http://m0urx.com/oqrs/) and LoTW. [TNX DX World]
				JA     - Look for JA8COE/8 and JE8KKX/8  to be active from  Yagishiri Island
				         (AS-147) on 16-18 September. QSL via home calls. [TNX JN6RZM]
				SM     - Frank, DL2SWW  was  active  as  SD7W/6 from  Orust Island  (EU-043)
				         earlier  this  week; he  will  operate  as  SD7W from  Oland Island
				         (EU-037) on 19-21 September.  QSLs via home call, bureau preferred.
				         [TNX rsgbiota.org]
				SV9    - Joerg, DM1OS  will  be  active  as  SV9/DM1OS  from  Gavdos  Island
				         (EU-187) on 23-25 September.  He will operate  holiday style around
				         the SSB IOTA frequencies. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX
				T8     - JA3KIO as T88XA  and  JA3JND as T88ON  will be  active  from  Koror
				         (OC-009), Palau  between  20 and 28 September.  QSL via home calls,
				         direct or bureau.
				UA     - Konstantin, R7KF plans to be active as RI0ZF from from Beringa, one
				         of  the   Komandorskiye  Islands (AS-039),  indicatively between 16
				         and  22 September.  Actual  dates may  change  subject  to  weather
				         conditions. This is not a DXpedition, but he will try and be QRV on
				         30, 20 and  17  metres CW  and  SSB,  running 100 watts  to  simple
				         antennas and  using paper log. QSL via R7KF, direct or bureau. [TNX
				V3     - Victor, WB0TEV will be active again as V31VP  from  Belize on 21-25
				         September.  Main activity will be during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest;
				         before and after the contest he might operate some SSB as well. QSL
				         via Club Log's OQRS  or  via home call (direct or bureau).  He does
				         not use LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
				V6     - JR1FKR as V63FKR and JH1MLO as V63MLO will be active  from  Pohnpei
				         (OC-010), Micronesia between 27 September and 2 October.  They will
				         operate SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. They do
				         not use LoTW.
				VU     - AT7M is the callsign for the IOTA DXpedition to the St Mary Islands
				         (AS-096) [425DXN 1369].  A large team will operate  "all modes with
				         multi TX" from 30 September to 1 October (less than 48 hours).  QSL
				         via VU3NPI. [TNX VU2UR]
				XW     - Champ, E21EIC will be  active  again  as XW1IC from  Laos on  21-25
				         September. He will be QRV on  80-6 metres, and will participate  in
				         the CQ WW DX RTTY  Contest, possibily  on 20 metres.  QSL via  Club
				         Log's OQRS and LoTW; traditional cards via E21EIC. [TNX DX World]
				                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
				                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
				                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
				                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW
				Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
				for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!
				425 DX NEWS  MAGAZINE ---> The  August  2017  issue  is  now  available  for
				Download at http://www.425dxn.org/index.php. [TNX IZ3EBA]
				5L3BI (AF-111) ---> "The wet season is in full force in  Liberia this year",
				the 5L3BI team reported on 13 September.  "This makes any road travel tricky
				and potentially dangerous, which in-turn has so far prevented Richmond EL2BG
				and Dickson EL2DT from making a 2nd recce trip to Baiyah Island (AF-111).
				Since we believe roads conditions  may never  fully recover  between now and
				the end of October, we have recently  managed to (thankfully) reserve  seats
				on a MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship International) flight which will  take
				most of the team directly to  Greenville Sinoe airstrip.  From there we will
				meet Richmond EL2BG who will have made the treacherous road journey south in
				his 4x4 vehicle.
				With the new and  additional  cost  of  flights  to/from Sinoe  region  from
				Monrovia we do still seek generous donations from the IOTA and DX community.
				Considering a donation? Please visit https://af111new.com/support/". [TNX DX
				ENIGMA RELOADED ---> The 4th  "Enigma Reloaded"  event  will take  place  on
				22-30 September. Complete information on the event and  the associated award
				is available at http://www.enigma-reloaded.it/.
				IOTA:  NEW WEBSITE ---> The  new website  is at  https://www.iota-world.org.
				For the time being all user logins have been suspended until the website  is
				released on 16 September at 8 UTC. Registered users on rsgbiota.org will NOT
				have to re-register on IOTA World, because they will be able to log in  with
				the same credentials as they used  on the old website. A choice of languages
				is  available  by selecting one of the flags.  The point of contact for help
				and comments is at info[@]iota-world.org.
				IOTA:  DATABASE  HOUSEKEEPING ---> "Parallel  with  launching  the  new IOTA
				website  and  operating  programme  we are  carrying out  some long  overdue
				housekeeping  on user records  on  our database.  We have migrated all these
				from  the  previous  RSGB IOTA website  to our new site.  The following will
				affect chasers who have not entered  a score  or updated an  existing one on
				their  record  since  August 2007, the date we went online.  We have several
				thousand records falling into  this category and it does  not make sense  to
				retain them. We have with immediate effect moved them to Archives where they
				will  no longer  be  visible to  their 'owners'.  Queries about this  notice
				should be sent to info[@]iota-world.org".
				IOTA:  REPORTING PROGRAMME GROWTH ---> "In  July  we  celebrated  the  first
				anniversary of the introduction of crediting QSO  matches with logs on  Club
				Log", G3KMA reported on 12 September.  "Introduced on the existing software,
				it has already been hugely  successful  in increasing the volume  of credits
				given by 70%, providing evidence that it meets  the wishes  of a significant
				part of the IOTA community for this kind of development. Needless to say, it
				has boosted the financial viability of the programme.  Currently some 54% of
				all credits  given  so far  in  2017 were  for QSO matches, a figure that we
				believe will increase once participants get used to the new software.  Paper
				cards  submitted   are  down   20% suggesting  replacement  with  electronic
				confirmations which from  a very  low figure for  IOTA Contest  matches  has
				spiralled from 4,036 to 32,878 credits. This is just the beginning".
				PDXG QSL MANAGEMENT PLATFORM ---> Developed  over the past  three years, the
				Perseverance DX Group's project (http://www.pdxg.net/index.php/news) aims at
				simplifying the QSL manager's job by automating the back end processes.  The
				platform's exclusive  users are  Tim M0URX,  Charles M0OXO,  Pista HA5AO and
				Gene K5GS, who have uploaded 5,018,167 QSOs from some 800 logs (DXpeditions,
				contests,  active DX stations handled by M0URX, M0OXO and HA5AO) so far.  "A
				QSL  manager  with one  helper  can  process OQRS requests for  the  largest
				DXpedition in one day, an amazing 75% reduction in time and labor. Today the
				only  time  consuming  OQRS confirmation  tasks are  stuffing envelopes  and
				affixing  labels, a bulk  mail franking machine  eliminated postage  stamps.
				Other  automated  tasks  include  matching  donors  to  the log for  special
				handling  and  busted  call  management.  A  new  feature  controls  sending
				duplicate QSL cards to the same DXer. Many DXers request a card through OQRS
				or direct and also send a buro card.  The software will not  respond to  the
				buro request if a card was previously sent for the same contact(s). With all
				this extra  time on their  hands  M0URX and  M0OXO  are available  to handle
				additional DX callsigns and DXpeditions". [TNX K5GS]
				TUNISIA:  NEW  LICENCING  ARRANGEMENTS ---> The  Ministry  of  Communication
				Technologies and Digital Economy has approved and issued a decree (nr. 3215,
				17 August 2017) that organizes amateur radio activity in Tunisia. The decree
				has appeared in  the  Official Journal of  the  Tunisian Republic  nr. 71 (5
				September 2017).  It is  now possible  for  Tunisian hams to apply,  pass an
				exam and  get their  own amateur  radio licences.  Those who already  have a
				foreign licence can be  granted licences  without passing an exam.  Resident
				foreigners can also apply. See https://www.iaru-r1.org/.
				WRTC-2022 --- > The 8th edition  of  the  World Radiosport Team Championship
				(WRTC) will  be  held  in  Germany  in  July 2018.  Like the  Olympic Games,
				however, "it is important  to provide  continuity for  the WRTC program  and
				give the radiosport community as much time as possible  to prepare  for each
				event.  Thus, it  is  appropriate  at  this  time  to  begin the process  of
				considering where WRTC-2022 will be held and who will make up the organizing
				committee.  The WRTC Sanctioning Committee  is  responsible  for  evaluating
				requests to host a WRTC event and selecting the winning applicant.
				In order to begin the  evaluation  process,  the  WRTC Sanctioning Committee
				requests any potential sponsor  to send a  written letter  of intent to  our
				chairman, S50A  (Tine Brajnik,  Velike Lipljene 24,  1311 Turjak, Slovenia).
				The  letter  should  identify  the   group's  primary  leaders  and  contact
				information, along with the general time frame  and location  for the event.
				We will then respond with the WRTC requirements document from which a formal
				proposal can be created. The deadline for submitting the letter of intent is
				December 31, 2017.  Formal proposals will  then be accepted  until  March 1,
				The WRTC Sanctioning Committee stands ready to answer  questions and provide
				whatever information we can to assist potential hosts in expressing interest
				and making an application. It is our plan to announce the selected hosts for
				WRTC-2022 during the closing ceremonies of WRTC-2018". [TNX S50A]
				                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
				                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
				                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
				                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW
				CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
				3B8CW       NI5DX       EI44WAW     EI6AL       OZ6SYL      OZ7AGR
				3B9FR       M0OXO       EI55WAW     EI6AL       P29LL       EA7FTR
				3D2TS       FK1TS       EI66WAW     EI6AL       P3X         5B4AMM
				3Z0TECH     3Z6AEF      EI77WAW     EI6AL       PA44BTF     PA1WBU
				3Z100ZIM    SP5ZIM      EI88WAW     EI6AL       PI40BOZ     PD3JAG
				4L2M        EA7FTR      EI99WAW     EI6AL       R20DFO      RN0CT
				4O7AB       UA3AB       EM130QG     UX7QG       R20KRK      RW0A
				4O7CC       UA4CC       EM130QV     UX7QV       R20NSK      RO9O
				4U1GSC      9A2AA       EM60S       UW5SW       R20PRM      RU9F
				5B4ALX      IZ4AMS      EO25P       UT1PG       R20SZO      R9XC
				5H6CC       IN3ATM      EO25PA      UR3PA       R20UFO      UA9APA
				5P8Y/p      OZ1ACB      EO25PG      UT1PG       R20VLG      R4AS
				5W1SA       JA1DXA      EO25PWC     UR4PWC      R20VRN      R3KM
				6W1SU       M0URX       EO25PWL     UT4PR       R870B       RK3AW
				7X5KBS      M0SDV       EO25PZ      UT4PZ       RA75KH      RV6AMZ
				7X5NZ       EA7FTR      FK8DD       NI5DX       RC20AA      R2AA
				8Q7AM       IW0HBY      FK8GX       W3HNK       RC20AB      R9AB
				9A161NT     9A7R        FM1HN       W3HNK       RC20FM      R9FM
				9G1SD       AB0GC       FR5FC       EA7FTR      RC20HZ      RW4HB
				9H3RV       HB9DGV      GB2OWM      GM3IBU      RC20OB      RM9T
				9V1YC       W5UE        H2X         IZ4AMS      RC20QA      RW9QA
				A25AL       IW5ELA      HA60KNA     HA3KNA      RC20QC      RW9QC
				A25BE       RC5A        HB9SOTA     HB9DPR      RC20QF      RW9QA
				A25BI       RM0F        HC1PE       EA5IDQ      RC20RF      UA3RF
				A31MM       EA5GL       HD8M        KG0YL  [b]  RC20RZ      RX3RZ
				A61M        A61BK       HD8M        WB2REM [d]  RK75KH      RV6AMZ
				A65DC       IZ8CLM      HF0ARC      SQ1SGB      RK75MP      RV6AMZ
				A65DR       N4GNR       HF0DGS      SP9YST      RM20CC      RM9RZ
				AO1IBR      EA4URE      HF11BOL     SQ9NIU      SD7M/6      DF9TM
				AT2FOC      VU2PTT      HF160MD     SP3PWL      SD7W/6      DL2SWW
				AT5M        VU2MUD      HF40A       SQ9OZA      SN0AP       SP8ZBX
				C4DX        5B4AIX      HF40D       SP4PKM      SN0BP       SP2PMW
				CN2HZ       LZ3HI       HF40N       SP5KVW      SN0ENI      SP0OTC
				CN2ZC       TA7AZC      HF40O       SQ1GPR      SN0NONE     SP3KQV
				CO5MK       RW6HS       HF40S       SQ9BDB      SN0NTWO     SP3LD
				CR3W        DL5AXX      HF440W      SP7KED      SN0OSB      SP3KWA
				CX1RL       EA5KB       HL4ZDA      OE1ZKC      SN0RKD      SP5WWL
				CX2DK       EA5GL       HP1RN       IZ8CLM      SN40SONDA   SP5IOU
				DU1/JA3FJE  JN3VQM      II0IABB     IZ0EUX      SN50PAZ     SP6PAZ
				E2A         E21EIC      II0IADC     IZ0FVD      SO40SONDA   SO5MAX
				E2X         E20GMY      II0IHMW     IU0DZA      SP40SONDA   SQ4AVD
				E51DLD      W6HB        II2FIST     IZ2FME      SU3MB       IK2DUW
				E51JHQ      JA0JHQ      II2IAOG     I2QIL       T6/IZ1CCK   IZ1BWB
				E6AG        M0OXO       II5IACF     IZ5KID      T6TM        W2GR
				EA9KB       EA7FTR      II8FC       IZ8XJJ      TI5/YN7SU   TI4SU
				ED7R        EA7IZJ      II8IHBC     IU8CEU      TM06YFC     F4FYU
				EG1SDC      EA1AUM      II9IABA     IT9MRM      TM100LGG    F4GRW
				EG2SDC      EA1AUM      II9IADP     IT9GHW      TM1MAD      F5KLJ
				EG3SDC      EA1AUM      II9IHPM     9A5URI      TM350CCAE   F6FMT
				EG4SDC      EA1AUM      IQ5ZR       9A5URI      TM39CDXC    F5CWU
				EG5SDC      EA1AUM      IQ8UN/8     9A8MDC      TM3CT       F5KAY
				EG6SDC      EA1AUM      J68HZ       K9HZ        TM500LH     F6KOH
				EG7SDC      EA1AUM      K7ASU/KH9   K7ASU       TM63ASM     F4HVE
				EG8BFS      EA8URV      KH2E        JE1HJA      UE70AAA     UA9APA
				EG8SDC      EA1AUM      L77D        LU6DC       UE80IR      RA0SMS
				EG9SDC      EA1AUM      LM100UKA    LA1UKA      UE80NSO     RT9O
				EH1SDC      EA1AUM      LU1DK       EA5IDQ      V31AE       EB7DX
				EH2SDC      EA1AUM      LU7YS       EA7HBC      VK8PKH      IK2DUW
				EH3SDC      EA1AUM      LY781QT     LY2QT       VX3150      VE3XN
				EH4SDC      EA1AUM      LZ02WFF     LZ1BJ       XV9WJR      WA7WJR
				EH5PDA      EA5ST       LZ100SK     LZ1KCP      YB0ECT      W2FB
				EH5SDC      EA1AUM      NP4R        NR6M        YC2/KC5VFV  VR2ZQZ
				EH6SDC      EA1AUM      OD5PY       KU9C        YV1KK/HC1   OH0XX
				EH7SDC      EA1AUM      OD5VB       EA5GL       YV1YL/HC1   OH0XX
				EH8SDC      EA1AUM      OD5ZZ       NI5DX       Z21NRT      G4NRT
				EH9SDC      EA1AUM      OE200TS     OE6HLF      Z61KR/p     9A1R
				EI11WAW     EI6AL       OH0/UA4WHX  UA4WHX      ZG2TT       M0URX
				EI22WAW     EI6AL       OJ0/UA4WHX  UA4WHX      ZS6CCY      K3IRV
				EI33WAW     EI6AL       OL100SV     OK2LET      ZZ200AL     PP7DX
				C31CT      Salvador Carol Tafall, Josep Calvet 64 Nave 6, 08302 Mataro
				          (Barcelona), Spain
				G4NRT      David Bondy, 19 Harriet Drive, Rochester, ME1 1DY, United Kingdom
				HB0/DL2SBY Kasimir Bastian, Grunackerstr. 39, 71069 Sindelfingen, Germany
				SQ1SGB   Sebastian Gleich, Biesiekierz 65, 76-039 Biesiekierz, Poland
				WA2NYC   Wireless Association of New York City, 233 Wolverine St,
				         Staten Island NY 10306-1746, USA
				WB2REM   James Millner, 7010 Gullotti Place, Port Saint Lucie FL 34952, USA
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