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425 DX Bulletin - Editado por Mauro Pregliasco I1JQJ e Valeria Pregliasco IK1ADH

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Edição: 1386   Data: 25/11/2017    Atualizado todas as sextas feiras 

A3     - Hiro, JA6WFM has been active  as  A31MM  from  Nuku'alofa (OC-049),
        Tonga since January 2016, and will QRT at the end of the year. This
        weekend's CQ WW DX CW will be the last contest for him;  after that
        he will be QRV on 15 metres only. QSL via LoTW or direct to EA5GL.
C5     - Andre, ON7YK has been active again as  C5YK since  17 November, and
        will  remain  in  The Gambia  until  30 January 2018.  He  operates
        digital modes (especially FT8)  and  some  CW on 40, 20, 17  and 15
        metres. QSL via LoTW and eQSL, or via home call (direct or bureau).
        Logsearch on http://www.on7yk.eu/. [TNX The Daily DX]
C6     - Tomi HA7RY,  George AA7JV and  Michael KN4EEI have  been  active as
        C6AGU from Water Cay (NA-001), Bahamas since 19 November  and  will
        remain there until 3 December, including activity during the  CQ WW
        DX CW  Contest  and  the  ARRL 160 Meter Contest.  While  operating
        mainly CW  and some SSB on  160-10 metres, they will  test some new
        antennas (a  43-foot  vertical  for  160/80/40m, a  2-element  yagi
        vertical  for  20-10m, and  a  4-square RX  antenna) for  the  2018
        DXpedition to Baker Island (KH1). QSL via HA7RY;  neither  Club Log
        nor LoTW will be used. [TNX DX World]
H40    - Cezar, VE3LYC  plans to  be  active  from  Taumako Island (OC-179),
        Temotu for at least  five days  in early May 2018. This Most Wanted
        IOTA group was activated only once, by H44MS (DL2GCA) back in March
        1993. Complete information is expected in due course. [TNX DX News]
HC8    - HC8LUT (not HC8LU as previously announced) is  the  callsign issued
        for the Argentine team [425DXN 1377] to use  during their  activity
        from San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands (SA-004) between  29 November
        and 8 December.  They will operate SSB and  digital modes on  160-6
        metres.  QSL  via IK2DUW  and  LoTW,  logsearch  on  Club Log.  See
        https://hc8lu.blogspot.com/ for more information.
HL     - Celebrating the XXIII Olympic Winter Games that will  be  held next
        year in  PyeongChang  (https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en), special
        event station HL0WOP is active until 25 February 2018. QSL via Club
        Log's OQRS, eQSL, or via HL4CCM (direct or bureau).
HS     - Look for E20WXA/p, HS2AAW/p and HS2JQC/p to be active from  Koh Lan
        (AS-107) on 25-26 November. QSL via E20WXA. [TNX The Daily DX]
JT     - Khos, JT1CD is active as JT1CD/0 until 29 November from the city of
        Olgii, located  in the  extreme  west of Mongolia.  QSL via LoTW or
        direct to home call. [TNX JT1CD]
OH     - As tradition dictates, OH9SCL will be active again in December from
        the heart of  Santa Claus Land,  in the Lapland region  of Finland.
        Activity will  be  mostly on  the  HF bands  on all modes.  QSL via
        OH9AB,  direct  or  bureau.  See  http://oh9scl.fi  for  additional
V8     - Tom, KC0W will be active as V85/KC0W from Brunei  from  24 November
        to 10 December.  QSL via  home call (direct only) and  logsearch on
        Club Log. He does not use LoTW. Tom expected to be active as  3W9CW
        from  Con Son Island (AS-130), Vietnam  until  28 November  [425DXN
        1385], but "technical reasons" made him go QRT on 15 November  with
        just 69 QSOs in his log. He then moved to Cambodia, and operated as
        XU7XXX on 19-21 November (874 QSOs).
VE     - Mikhail, VE7ACN will be  active  as  VE7ACN/7  from  Galiano Island
        (NA-075) on 24-27 November, including activity during the  CQ WW DX
        CW Contest. QSL via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW or via home call. [TNX DX
VQ9    - Jim, ND9M is active  again  as VQ917JC from  Diego Garcia (AF-006),
        Chagos ISlands. His operating hours are still limited to 13-16 UTC,
        as he has to commute between his ship and his operating location on
        the island,  then set up  and  break  down  each time.  Usually  he
        operates mainly CW on 30, 20 and 17 metres. QSL via home call.
ZA     - ZA1WW is the callsign for a  Multi-Multi entry in  the  CQ WW DX CW
        Contest and a  subsequent  160/80m  activity hosted  by  the Kosovo
        Amateur Radio  Association (SHRAK)  and  the  National  Association
        Radioamateurs of Albania (NARA) from the coastal area of Durres. On
        the low bands they will use vertical radiators next to  salt water,
        matched by appropriate RX antennas.  Dedicated low-band frequencies
        after the contest will  be  1816.5 kHz and 3526 kHz,  both +/- QRM.
        Co-led by Z62FB and ZA1F,  the team will  include  local  operators
        such as ZA1EM (YL) and  Z61DX,  as well  as  invited guests  (OG2M,
        OH1MA, OH2BH, OH2TA and OH3JR). QSL ZA1WW via Club Log's OQRS, LoTW
        or via OH2TA. [TNX W6SZN]
ZL     - Pisti, HA5OJ celebrates  his  60th birthday by  touring  New Zeland
        until  late  January  2018.  He  will be  active holiday  style  as
        ZL/HA5OJ from Waiheke Island (OC-201) on 22-26 November, from North
        Island (OC-036)  between  27 November and  20 January, and  finally
        from South Island (OC-134) on 21-29 January. He operates CW only on
        30-6 metres. QSLs via the Hungarian bureau. [TNX HA5BA]

CQ WW  DX  CW  CONTEST ---> The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (25-26 November):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA
02     VE2IM         SOAB HP      Canada               LoTW/VE3DZ
05     VE3RZ/VP9     SOAB LP      Bermuda              LoTW/M0URX
07     HQ9X          M/2          Honduras             KQ1F
07     TI7W          SOAB HP      Costa Rica           W4FS
07     V34AO         SOAB LP      Belize               DL7VOA
07     YN2CC         SOAB LP      Nicaragua            LoTW/AJ9C
08     6Y0W          M/2          Jamaica              LZ1NK
08     6Y3M          M/2          Jamaica              VE3NE
08     8P50B         SOSB 20m LP  Barbados             LoTW/KU9C
08     C6AGU                      Bahamas              HA7RY
08     FG/F6ARC      SOSB 15m     Guadeloupe           LoTW/FE11DX
08     J68GD                      St. Lucia            LoTW/K9AW
08     NP2X          M/?          US Virgin Islands    LoTW/K5WW
08     TO2SP         M/?          St. Barthelemy       LoTW/SP6IXF
08     TO5W          SO           Martinique           LoTW/KO8SCA
08     V26FF         SO           Antigua & Barbuda    LoTW/N2FF
08     V26K          SOAB LP      Antigua & Barbuda    LoTW/AA3B
08     V47T          M/2          St Kitts & Nevis     W2RQ
08     VP5M          M/?          Turks & Caicos Isls  LoTW/K4QPL
08     ZF2MJ         SOAB         Cayman Isls          LoTW/N6MJ
08     ZF9CW         SO           Cayman Isls          LoTW/K5GO
09     8R1/AG6UT     SO           Guyana               LotW/DJ9RR
09     9Y4/VE3EY     SOAB HP      Trinidad & Tobago    VE3EY
09     FY5FY         SOSB 20m LP  French Guiana        FY5FY
09     P40C          SO           Aruba                LoTW
09     P40L          M/2          Aruba                LoTW/WA3FRP
09     P40W          SOAB         Aruba                LoTW/N2MM
09     PJ4A          SOSB 15m     Bonaire              LoTW/K4BAI
09     PJ4E          SOSB 80m     Bonaire              LoTW/K9ES
09     PJ4I          SOSB 20m     Bonaire              LoTW/AD4ES
09     PJ4Y          M/S          Bonaire              DL5CW
09     PZ5V          M/2          Suriname             LoTW/M0URX
10     HC0E          M/2          Ecuador              HC1QRC
11     PS0F          M/S LP       Fernando de Noronha  PY7RP
11     PX0F          SO           Fernando de Noronha  PP5BZ
11     ZP9MCE        SOAB LP      Paraguay             EA5ZD
12     XR2K          SO           Chile                W4/CX1EK
12     XR6F          SOSB         Chile                XQ4CW
14     4U1ITU                     ITU HQ               4U1ITU
14     CR2M          SOSB 15m HP  Azores               LoTW
14     CR5SSB        M/S          Portugal             CT1EOU
14     CR6K          SOAB HP      Portugal             CT1CJJ
14     CU4DX         SOSB 40m HP  Azores               LoTW
14     GJ2A          SOSB 20m     Jersey               LoTW
14     GU3HFN        SOAB LP      Guernsey             GU3HFN
14     GU4CHY        SOSB 20m HP  Guernsey             GU4CHY
14     GU4YOX        SOSB 15m LP  Guernsey             LoTW/GU4YOX
14     HB0A                       Liechtenstein        LoTW
14     SI9AM         M/?          Sweden               SM3TIR
14     TM1A          M/S HP       France               LoTW/F5GSJ
14     ZB2TT         M/S          Gibraltar            LoTW/M0URX
14     ZB2X          SOSB         Gibraltar            LoTW/OH2KI
15     4O7CC         SOAB         Montenegro           LoTW/UA4CC
15     4U1A          M/S          UN Vienna Int Center UA3DX
15     9H6A          M/?          Malta                LoTW/9H1BT
15     ES9C          M/2          Estonia              ES5RY
15     LY4A          M/?          Lithuania            LotW
15     OF5Z          M/M          Finland              LotW
15     SN6O          SOSB 40m     Poland               SP6PAZ
15     SO4M          M/S          Poland               LoTW/SP4MPG
15     SO9M          SOAB LP      Poland               SQ9UM
15     TK0C          M/2          Corsica              LoTW/S50C
15     Z60WW         SO           Kosovo               OH2BH
15     ZA1WW         M/M          Albania              LoTW/OH2TA
17     UN4L          SOSB 80m     Kazakhstan           UA9AB
18     RW0A          M/2          Russia (AS)          LotW/RA0ALM
21     4L2M          SOSB 20m     Georgia              EA7FTR
21     9K2K          SOAB         Kuwait               LotW
21     A44A          M/M          Oman                 A47RS
24     B1Z           M/?          China                EA7FTR
24     B7Q           M/?          China                BA1DU
24     VR2XAN        SOSB 160m HP Hong Kong            VR2XAN
26     HS0ZAR        M/2          Thailand             K3ZO
26     HS0ZIA        M/?          Thailand             LoTW
27     AH0K          M/2          Mariana Islands      LoTW/OH6GDX
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                 LoTW
27     DU9/R4WAA                  Philippines          R4WAA
27     DU9/RZ3FW                  Philippines          RZ3FW
27     V6A           SOAB         Micronesia           JA7HMZ
28     9M6NA         SOAB HP      East Malaysia        LoTW/JE1JKL
28     YC1ZAZ        M/S LP       Indonesia            LoTW
28     YE2C          M/2          Indonesia            LoTW
29     VK6LW         SOAB         Australia            VK6LW
31     KH7M          SOAB         Hawaii               KH6ZM
32     A31MM         SOSB 15m     Tonga                LoTW/EA5GL
32     FK/JR3RIU     SO           New Caledonia        LoTW
32     ZM4T          M/2          New Zealand          LotW/ZL3IO
33     3V8SS         SOAB LP      Tunisia              LoTW/LX1NO
33     CR3OO         SOAB         Madeira              LoTW/W3HNK
33     CT9/OK6RA     SOSB 40m LP  Madeira              OK6RA
33     CT9/R7KW      M/S          Madeira              K2PF
33     ED8R          M/S          Canary Isls          LoTW/LZ1JZ
33     ED8X          M/S          Canary Isls          LoTW/RN3RQ
34     SU9JG         SOSB 15m LP  Egypt                LoTW/EA5GL
35     3XY3D                      Guinea               F5OZC
35     6W1SU         SOAB HP      Senegal              LoTW/M0URX
35     9G5W                       Ghana                S59ZZ
35     D4P           SO           Cape Verde           LoTW
37     5X1NH         SOSB         Uganda               LoTW/G3RWF
37     5X8B          SO           Uganda               LoTW/DL3YM
39     3B9HA         SOAB         Rodrigues Island     LoTW/M0OXO
39     S79K          SOAB         Seychelles           LoTW/G3NKC
40     TF3JB         SOSB 20m HP  Iceland              LoTW/TF3JB
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill,  NG3K at http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2017.html -  good  contest  to
you all!

                        *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                        ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                         Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                       Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

Access to the main functions of www.425dxn.org is provided by the 425DXN App
for Android. It is available on Google Play - free of charge, no ads. Enjoy!

3Y0Z: BOUVET 2018 ---> While "the sea container  should now be  between  the
ports of San Antonio, Chile and  its destination, Punta Arenas, Chile",  the
Team  posted  on  22  November,  "the most  recent  propagation  predictions
continue to support the patterns shown in the videos on our propagation page
(http://www.bouvetdx.org/propagation/)".  The band plan has been  published,
and it includes FT8. It will not be a primary mode for 3Y0Z, but it will  be
used only "when we cannot use the standard,  higher rate modes", i.e.  "when
the band dies, or  before it opens".  Detailed guidelines are  available  at
http://www.bouvetdx.org/band-plan-frequencies/ ("Ten Steps  on  How to  Work
3Y0Z (Bouvet) With FT8").

FT3YL ---> Francois, FT3YL (F4HLT) is now QRT and will be leaving Antarctica
soon. During his stay  at  the  Dumont d'Urville Station  on  Petrels Island
(AN-017) he made some 1200 QSOs, logged between 15 February and  29 October.
Most contacts were with JA, VK and ZL, with  a few US stations  and very few
Europeans. Limited spare time  combined to  "high winds, rigs breakdown  and
solar blackout" made  his  operating  "a very hard challenge".  QSL via Club
Log's OQRS, LoTW or via F6KPQ (direct or bureau). [TNX F5RAB and F5PHW]

IOTA NEWS ---> Record-holders  who  have  made  IOTA  contacts  in  an  IOTA
contest after 2003, can claim  credit  for  them  without  submitting  QSLs,
provided that the contact details match.  Go to https://iota-world.org/, log
in, select "Add Contest QSOs" under the "My IOTA" tab, and then upload  your
.cbr or .log file(s).  The logs for the  IOTA Contest 2017  island  stations
(490,394 QSOs) have now been added to  the IOTA database and  are  available
for QSO matching.

YOTA MONTH ---> The Youngsters On The Air group will  be active again during
the entire month of December. The idea for this event is to show the amateur
radio hobby to youth and to encourage  youngsters  to be active  on  the ham
radio waves.  Announced  participating  stations include  3V8YOTA,  6V1YOTA,
Club Log's OQRS or  direct  to M0SDV.  See https://events.ham-yota.com/  for
information on the event and the award.

                        *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                        ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                         Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                       Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B9FR       M0OXO       DU1/JA3FJE  JN3VQM      KH0AM       JE1CKA
3D2TS       FK1TS       DU1/SP5APW  SP5APW      KH2F        JA2TBS
3V8CB       LX1NO       DU1KA       NR6M        LX0RL       LX1KQ
3XY3D       F5OZC       DU3LA       W3HNK       LZ50BD      LZ1PM
4X0B        4X6ZM       DU9/R4WAA   R4WAA       NP4G        NP3O
5B4AJC      UA3DX       DU9/RZ3FW   RZ3FW       OH0PM       OH2PM
5H3EE       DL4ME       EA8/IZ2DPX  IK2DUW      OY1OF       M0URX
5K0T        LU1FM       EG1ET       EA1ET       OZ/KH6DXX   DF3XX
5K1B        EA3BT       EI11WAW     EI6AL       P40L        WA3FRP
5N7Q        DF8DX       EI22WAW     EI6AL       P40W        N2MM
5T1A        A92AA       EI33WAW     EI6AL       PG400TH     PA3ETC
5T1R        A92AA       EI44WAA     EI6AL       PJ4/KU8E    K4BAI
5V1JE       N9MDH       EI55WAW     EI6AL       PZ5V        M0URX
5X1NH       G3RWF       EI66WAW     EI6AL       R200SB      RZ4AWB
5X1S        OZ2HC       EI77WAW     EI6AL       R75URAN     UA4AJD
5X8B        DL3YM       EI88WAW     EI6AL       SP660K      SP4PKM
6Y0AE       LZ4AE       EI99WAW     EI6AL       T2AT        N7SMI
6Y0BE       LZ2BE       EK8ZZ       EK7DX       T88DT       JH1OLB
6Y0HM       LZ2HM       ET3AA       N2OO        TF3WK       OZ1OM
6Y0W        LZ1NK       EV135KK     EU1EU       TI7W        W4FS
8P2K        KU9C        FG/F6ARC    FE11DX      TM8OMC      F8KGN
8R1/AG6UT   DJ9RR       FR/F4HQZ    F4DXW       TO2SP       SP6IXF
9A/IZ2DPX   IK2DUW      H44MS       DL2GAC      TO5W        KO8SCA
9G5W        S59ZZ       HB600NVF    HB9JOE      TR8CA       F6CBC
9H3AK       NI5DX       HF7CKF      SP7VC       TT8FC       EA3GWK
9M6NA       JE1JKL      HF7EX       SP7VC       V26FF       N2FF
9N1AA       N4GNR       HF7HB       SP7VC       V26K        AA3B
9X2AW       M0OXO       HF7LW       SP7VC       V34AO       DL7VOA
9X9PJ       N4GNR       HF7NJX      SP7VC       V63PSK      JA1FMN
A47RSN      A47RS       HH2AA       NR6M        VE2IM       VE3DZ
AH0K        OH6GDX      HK0HF       N4GNR       VE3RZ/VP9   M0URX
AU2JCB      VU2DSI      HK3TK       F5CWU       VQ917JC     ND9M
BV0J        BM2JCC      HL0WOP      HL4CCM      VQ9KA       JO1GWT
C31CT       EA3QS       HZ1FI       DL1RTL      YJ0JA       JA1VND
C5YK        ON7YK       IK2SGL/OA8  IK2AQZ      YN2CC       AJ9C
C6AGU       HA7RY       IY5PIS      IW5AOT      Z21MH       IZ0EGA
CR3OO       W3HNK       J5T         I2YSB       Z81D        OM3JW
CT9/R7KW    K2PF        J68GD       K9AW        ZA/IK2RLM   IZ2LSP
CT9/YL3JM   K2PF        KC4AAA      K1IED       ZF2MJ       N6MJ

5H3DX    Charles W. Powell, 201 North 13th Street, Louisburg KS 66053-3520,
5K3W     Francisco Siso Hennessey (JB9779), 2550 NW 72 Ave, Suite 115, Miami
        FL 33122, USA
6Y0ND    Nick Mukarev, Am Gries 27, 85435 Erding, Germany
EA1ET    Manuel Baltasar Rey Montes, Apartado Postal 1, 15200 Noia
        (A Coruna), Spain
EA3BT    Josep Gibert del Pino, Carrer del Col-legi 1, 08800 Vilanova I La
        Geltru (Barcelona), Spain
F5OZC    Alain Rebondy, 4 rue des Violettes, 49260 Breze, France
I2YSB    Silvano Borsa, Viale Capettini 1, 27036 Mortara PV, Italy
JO1GWT   Yasuhiko Kazeno, 4-2-19 Nishisuna-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo-to,
        190-0034, Japan
LU1FM    Jose Luis Murano, Avenida Dr Facundo de Zuviria 7745, S3004LTL
        Santa Fe, Argentina
ON7YK    Andre Bourbon, Route de Xhoffraix 30, 4970 Stavelot, Belgium
OZ11A    Leif Nielsen, Stenhoejvej 280, 9900 Frederikshavn, Denmark
PS0F     Renner Pedroza, Rua Waldemar Nery Carneiro Monteiro 475 Apt 602,
        Boa Viagem, Recife - PE, 51030-140, Brazil
R4WAA    Sergey V. Azarov, ul. K. Marksa 431A-13, Izhevsk, 426000, Russia
RZ3FW    Sergey G. Yanovsky, ul. Shkolnaya 3-56, Elektrougli, Moskovskaya
        obl., 142455, Russia
S59ZZ    Rado Skrajnar, Frankovo naselje 110, 4220 Skofja Loka, Slovenia
SP5APW   Jacek Krupa, ul. Zalesna 66, 05-507 Borowina, Poland
SP6IXF   Janusz Szymanski, Skr. Poczt. 1808, 50-385 Wroclaw 46, Poland
XU7XXX   Thomas M. Callas, P.O. Box 1058, Minnetonka MN 55345, USA
YJ0CA    Chris Ayres, 3/19-21 Eastern Rd, Turramurra, NSW 2074, Australia

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